6 Signs Your Gutters Need Professional Cleaning and Unclogging


You may not realize it, but poorly maintained gutters can quickly deteriorate the foundation as well as the value of your home.

Gutters collect and drain rain water from your roof, and thus play a pivotal role in keeping your walls and foundation in the right condition. Over the period, your gutters may get clogged with debris and cease to work the way they should.

It is common for homeowners to delay gutter maintenance until they experience problems. This delay can make your home vulnerable to costly problems, making the job a lot more difficult.Pipeline

Don’t waste time if you notice any of the following symptoms indicating the need for an immediate gutter inspection.

1.Staining and Mildew on the Wall

Any type of damage in the gutter system can affect its draining capabilities, which may result in staining and mildew on the exterior of the gutter as well as on the wall. The mildew may be an indication of standing water which may occur due to blockage in the system.

2.Leaves and Debris in the Gutters

If you notice debris or leaves around your gutters, it is best to get the system inspected and cleaned before they clog your entire system.

3.Sagging Gutters

If your gutter is sagging it may be indicative of water, leaves, and debris accumulation. Sometimes, the build-up may even cause the gutter to bow or separate. Get your gutters inspected and cleaned as soon as you notice the sign to prevent the problem from getting worse.

4.Weeds Growing from the Gutters

It’s an obvious sign your gutter has enough soil to allow the growth of plants inside the gutters. Along with other debris, these plants can completely clog your gutters and cause serious damages to the structure of your home.


5 .Pests in the Gutters

If you notice that pests or small animals are walking through or living inside the gutters, it is a sign your gutter needs cleaning and maintenance.

6.You Haven’t Cleaned Your Gutters for a Long Time

If don’t remember when you cleaned your gutters or if it’s been a long time since you got them cleaned, it is time you should call a professional gutter cleaning service for cleaning and maintenance of your gutters. Your gutters may develop problems over time, and thus may need proper care and maintenance periodically.

Does any of the aforementioned situations sound similar to you? If yes, give us a call at 0800-193-67-68 to get professional gutter cleaning service in St. Albans. Our gutter cleaning and repair services are also available in Watford, Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, and Luton.


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