Steves Gutters Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Service

In using our services you are deemed to have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions.

The following terminology applies to these Terms and Conditions: ‘Customer’, ‘You’ and ‘Your’ refers to you, the person using our services and accepting the Company’s terms and conditions. ‘The Company’, ‘Ourselves’, ‘We’ and ‘Us’ refers to our Company. ‘Party’, ‘Parties’, or ‘Us’, refers to both the Client and ourselves, or either the Client or ourselves.

Payment Terms

Payment is due upon completion of work unless other arrangements were made between the customer and company. If a different arrangement occurs, this will be documented and confirmed by both parties. We accept forms of payment to include cash or bank transfer.

Customer understands that any relevant guarantee(s) along with receipts may not be issued until payment has been received. We aim to issue your receipt and guarantee(s) within 14 days of receiving payment.

If payment is not made upon completion of service when requested then Steve’s Gutters reserves the right to charge an £95.00 late payment fee plus interest until payment is received.

E.g. If customer and company have a net 30 days’ payment schedule, customer must have payment submitted to company by 30-day period. Any invoice or scheduled payment that is past due after date of agreement, is subject to a £95.00 late payment fee plus interest.  If payment is not received within 30 days past due, Steve’s Gutters reserves the right to file a civil claim and collect outstanding debt. Any legal fees incurred will be added to unpaid balance of the customer. Steve’s Gutters also reserves the right to refuse to continue business with a client who is currently past due, or who has been 30+ days past due more than once.

If, through no fault of our own or where customer could have given reasonable notice, customer cancels our sevices last minute after our operators have already arrived to service site then Steves Gutters  reserves the right to charge customer 50% of the service amount. This does not affect your statutory rights. This contract is binding.


Acceptance of Terms

By accepting a quotation, the customer agrees to all the terms and conditions in this agreement. You authorize Steve’s Gutters to do the work as specified on the quotation. You release our company from property damage unless it is caused by negligence or willful misconducts. Steve’s Gutters is not responsible for damage to loose material, paint, wood, trim or windows that was previously noted as damaged or found during the cleaning process.

Deposit Policy On New Gutter & Fascia & Soffit Installations

The Customer will be required to pay a 25% deposit for any works that involve substantial costs of materials .


Cancellation Policy

The Company Requires the customer gives 14 Days Notice of any cancellation before the agreed job start time ,any Cancellation within this time frame is responsible for a £40.00 Cancellation fee. This is payable via an invoice immediately from date of invoice.

The Company Requires the customer who cancel within 7 days to pay a £75.00 fee. This is payable via invoice immediately from date of invoice.

If you cancel the external cleaning for any reason you will be invoiced for the price you would have paid for your type and size property.
We also reserve the right to charge a  fee of up to £2.00 per linear to make up for the money we loose, for you not going through with the agreed works.

All parts relating to any work we have completed for the Customer remain the property of The Company until the Customer settles the full invoice total for the work.

Our Service

1. Residential Clients

By using our service you agree to pay the full quoted amount on completion of the works. All of our prices are fixed, however if the Customer provides improper details and information then the Company has the right to amend any previous evaluations and may increase the price originally quoted for.

In the event that one of our technicians discovers an issue during the works which will require significantly increased labour time and/or different parts/materials than that originally quoted, a re-quotation will be provided to the Customer.

2. Commercial Clients

By using our service you agree to pay the full quoted amount on completion of the works. If the Customer provides improper details and information then the Company has the right to amend any previous evaluations and may increase the price originally quoted for.

On large scale commercial work which requires different stages to complete, invoices will be sent to the Customer at the completion of each stage. These payment terms will be agreed with the Customer before the start job date.

In the event that one of our technicians discovers an issue during the works which will require significantly increased labour time and/or different parts/materials than that originally quoted, a re-quotation will be provided to the Customer.

Conservatories, etc..  and Detached Garages are not included in the initial quote given

Access to Property On The Day

The Customer agrees to allow our technicians access to the property during the allotted job time. If the Customer is not going to be present at the property during this time then necessary arrangements should be made to ensure our technicians still have access and these should be detailed to us at the time of booking. If we cannot do the work then a fee of £75.00 will be incurred as a lost appointment.

Any wasps or bees nest that hinder/stop  the work will result in the full fee job amount payable as its the customers responsibility to make sure the job will be safe and can be carried out when booked in

If the need to drive to another road or area to access the rear of a property a surcharge will incur of £15.00. It is the  Customer’s duty to evaluate the way of getting a triple heavy duty ladder to the rear of the property. Most times this cannot come through the house for example. If we  attend and  the job can not be completed for this reason then a £75.00 fee will be charged  for a lost appointment.

Access to the Gutters

The Customer having read the original e mail sent asking for any information that may hinder our ability to safely reach the gutters that require work has told us everything we need to know. I.e If the property has not been described to us correctly. This would include not being told at any point the house is 3 or more Story’s, and or roofs we cannot access safely, or tight alleyway access  Ladders go through the house etc. Should we turn up and we cannot reach the gutters safely we will charge the full agreed rate for the job.

Appointment Times

The Company will provide the Customer with an estimated one hour time slot in which our technicians will arrive at the property. While the Company strives to keep to these allotted appointment times, factors beyond our control such as heavy traffic or road works may result in our technicians arriving later than their estimated arrival time.

All works are subject to weather conditions and in the event of frost or heavy rain, the Company reserves the right to re-schedule the job to another date as agreed with the Customer.


The Company will not be held accountable if a third party interrupts the completion of the works and/or causes any damage to the areas in which we have worked.

Guarantee Policy

All materials are guaranteed to be as specified.  The Company guarantees that all materials used to carry out the work requested are new, unless stated otherwise, and that all work is of a high standard.

The Company provides specific guarantees for gutter clearance, gutter repair and gutter installation work. These guarantees extend to cover normal weather conditions only and do not cover damage caused by nature, violent storm events, torrential rain storms or any other weather occurrence that causes excessive amounts of rain.  It does not cover damage to any area of guttering, fascia or soffitt caused by wind.  It does not cover damage caused by vandalism, modifications carried out by other contractors to the guttering, or any other circumstances beyond our control.

To make use of the following guarantees, we require that the Customer provides proof of our previous work, such as a receipt.

1. Gutter Clearance Guarantee

The Company provides a 3 month guarantee on any gutter clearance work carried out. If the Customer notices and can prove there are any blockages in their guttering after the work has been completed, we will return to clear the blockage free of charge.

These terms only apply to sections of your guttering that we have been previously paid to clear; the guarantee does not extend to any additional sections of your guttering system. Note: Conservatories and outbuildings Gutters are never included in the quote unless the work is specifically  for these areas. Even if we know there is a conservatory we don’t touch the gutters unless we have a discussion about doing them.

Please Note: If we visit the property and there is no debris to clear but another issue is found that we rectify, then the full original quote is still to be paid.

The Term : Gutter Cleaning is the removal of 90% + of debris, this does not include and off tiles and iny debris which will wash away. We dont wipe the insides of gutters

There are no refunds or deductions for less work and or the time we are at the job.  In the same way there is no Additional charge for more work, only materials.

All debris must be disposed of using the customers ‘green’ recycling bin. If no bin is available then the customer must  provide bin  bags etc for the debris .

Unless agreed prior to work being undertake, we do not clean roof valleys or clean anything on roofs

NOTE: Gutter Cleaning is NOT the externals of the gutters. It is NOT a cosmetic service .

We do offer a exterior cleaning service (exterior)  for  Fascias and Soffit and Gutters but this is a separate charge. If you have asked for the external service, then the actual gutter clean price given to you will be cheaper than normal.


If you have solar panels  we need to be told as this means there will be pigeon excrement  in the gutters and added fees will apply.

You also will need to supply a refuse bin for the excrement as we will not remove from the property.






External Cleaning : We require a working water source, i.e an outside tap etc. If we have not water source we cannot clean hard to reach areas.

Whilst every effort is given to make the Upvc on the Fascias-Soffit-Gutters and conservatory roofs, upvc does deteriorate  over time and can have engrained dirt we cannot remove.

Conservatory’s and Conservatory roofs are soft washed and sometimes will leave dirt areas that cannot be removed by soft washing. We will not use any form of water pressure to try to rid of these areas as water ingress will occur to the inside of the conservatory . Rubbers are fragile and vigorous washing and jet washing etc will cause irreversible damage. 




2. Gutter Repairs Guarantee

Important : We are only responsible for repairs we are told about prior to the visit. It is the homeowner responsibility to identify any leaks before we visit and instruct us towards these exact leaks. We will not return to the work for free if you have failed to to due dilligence to identify the issues or have forgotten to tell us of a leak we were not made aware of  before the visit.

The Company provides a 6 month parts and workmanship guarantee on gutter repairs which have required new parts to be installed.

If it is determined by us that the repair is ineffectual, we will return to correct any faults in the repair free of charge. If the problems are due to connecting parts not covered by the initial repair, we reserve the right to levy a charge for additional remedial work that corresponds to the cost of any additional parts and the labour to fit them.

All new  gutter fittings are charged @ £19.75 supplied and fitted

All new non – standard fittings are charged  @ £23.99 per fitting

A free repair is if we simply clip sometime back in or put back in place something that has moved by the elements etc

Sealant repairs, and any other repairs which are designed to provide only a short term or temporary solution, are not covered by this guarantee. This is typical with metal or ogee shape type gutters

Aluminium – Metal-  Cast iron gutters & Upvc OGEE type gutter repairs are not guaranteed & we cannot guarantee the repairs will work.

Access Equipment – If required, we would return to inspect and/or rectify areas/parts fitted by The Gutter Cleaning People as per our guarantee. However if a guaranteed section of work required attention in the future, the cost of providing the access equipment (scaffolding) is not covered by this guarantee and would be at the responsibility of the customer to supply and cover such costs.

3. Gutter Installations Payment & Guarantee

All goods and materials are still owned by Steve’s gutters and will remain our property until full payment is made.

If payment is not made in full upon completion, we have the right to visit the property and remove all materials and seek damages through  the courts for any costs incurred.

The Company provides a 10 year guarantee on gutter installations relating to any new fitted parts and workmanship. This includes the installation of whole new guttering systems and/or the installation of new fascias and/or soffits.

We guarantee a professional standard of workmanship on all installations carried out. However if it is deemed by us that the installation is not functioning correctly, and that this directly relates to either a problem with the parts supplies or the initial workmanship, we will return free of charge to re-install or repair any sections of the guttering that were not installed correctly. The guarantee only covers parts fitted by us and will be invalidated if pre-existing parts or fascia/soffits are potentially or partially contributing to any problems that have arisen.

We do not supply water butts for any situation. We will fit ones you supply.

This guarantee does not cover any guttering systems that become faulty due to a lack of regular (annual) clearance and maintenance. The Company provides a clearance and maintenance service which if used annually will ensure your guarantee is valid.  Failure to have your gutters maintained regularly by the Company, will nullify this guarantee.

Please not: We never change any 110mm soil pipes or any bathroom waste pipes ever. these are plumbers jobs and we do not do these. Downpipes are 75mm or smaller pipes conncted to the guttering only. Please dont mistake these pipes as part of the guttering system

Access Equipment – If required, we would return to inspect and/or rectify areas/parts fitted by The Gutter Cleaning People as per our guarantee. However if a guaranteed section of work required attention in the future, the cost of providing the access equipment (scaffolding) is not covered by this guarantee and would be at the responsibility of the customer to supply and cover such costs.


Conservatory Gutters

Conservatory Gutters are not included in any quote. if the email thread does not specifically mention the cleaning or  repairs to a conservatory we are not to be held responsible . All gutter repairs on any conservatory / lean to type buildings  are not covered by any guarantee.

These gutters are normally a kit and we cannot replace items to most of the kits  hence why they cannot be guaranteed.


Blocked Soakaway Drain Clearing Work/ Not Guaranteed 

We attempt to clear the blocked drains underground . We use a tried an tested method to do this. It is not however a guaranteed process . We cannot tell if roots have collapsed the drains , or the Soakaway itself is blocked as they have limited lifespan. It is however the cheapest option to see if the issue below ground can be rectified.

If it turns out Jetting was not required, when requested and booked in we reserve the right to charge 50% of the fee. This is because we will have booked the time for jetting on the day and not booked in other work and will loose income .


How did we quote you.

We have quoted you via mail which is a ‘generic’ email template which allows for 99% of all enquiries. Not all of the email will apply to your specific enquiry.

We have quoted you solely on your enquiry. Gutter repairs-gutter cleaning-external cleaning-blocked drains- etc……

So for example If the enquiry is “dropped or blocked downpipe” then the cleaning of the gutters does not apply to you.

Also if the enquiry is “gutter repair” then the cleaning and checking of downpipes etc does not apply to you

Any flyers giving 10% off only applies to gutter cleaning and not any other service.

We never supply water butts . We fill fit one you have chosen and with the divertor kit you supply.


Roof Cleaning


Risks and Releases of Liability Acknowledgement

Steve’s Gutters  technicians are well trained in the equipment used in the cleaning industry and take extreme precautions in making sure the company does not cause harm to your investment. We use safe techniques with the use of low pressure on delicate surfaces such as wooden fascias, windows etc. However, damage can still occur to any delicate surface due to poor maintenance, neglect to the property and or low grade building materials. Routine maintenance per manufacture’s recommendations on the homes surfaces, should be implemented by homeowners to avoid any potential defects. Prior to cleaning the roof any areas of concern need to be addressed by the homeowner to insure a watertight seal. This will prevent damage from occurring. The homeowner assumes all the risks and takes responsibility for any damage that occurs due to improper maintenance.

After the roof has been cleaned it the tiles can sometimes show signs of uneven wear and there maybe a colour difference on certain tiles . This will be highlighted after the roof  has been cleaned and dried. Steve’s Gutters cannot be held responsible for discolouration in tiles due to the different weathered states of the tiles

On the date of service, the company will note any pre-existing damage and take photos of any noted damage. If any new damage is found during the cleaning process, the company will cease all cleaning efforts until the customer can see the damage and acknowledge its existence.
Customer understands that the company has set procedures to ensure plant life around the area of cleaning is protected. If any issues arise with plant life around the area of cleaning, the company will evaluate to see if plant life will recover or if it has been killed. Company will then determine plan of action after evaluation of plant life.


Roof Cleaning acknowledgement

Customer understands that any existing damage, cracked tiles, loose cement or any other flaws in the roofing system may be more noticeable and apparent during or after cleaning. Steve’s Gutters operatives will take photos where possible of any clearly visible damage prior to commencing the works. When the roof is covered with debris, those flaws may not stand out as much as it would be after it has been cleaned. Most of the time those issues are pointed out to the customer during pre-inspection or during cleaning process. Customer understands that the company may not find every flaw and is not reliable if it is more noticeable after cleaning unless it is found to be of negligence on company end. Customer also understands if we do a site unseen quote based off provided photos or use of google maps software, that we will not be able to note any flaws in exterior surfaces. If we do a site unseen quotation, customer understands we are not liable for any unacknowledged flaw and will do our best to point this out at date of cleaning. Customer understands that all of our operators have relevant roofing experience and knowledge, Steve’s Gutters roof cleaning service includes limited minor repair work as stated in your quote, any repairs required beyond your quote will be noted to you and an on-site quotation will be given for the works or if customer prefers we can simply just give our expert advice. If Customer requires and confirms that Steve’s gutters  should carry out any additional work, we will endeavor to carry out such work on same day where possible, however we may have to schedule the works for the next available business day if necessary. Customer understands that although every precaution and effort is taken by our experienced operatives to leave the site clean and tidy (most cases left cleaner than when we started!) that some small reminiscence of the cleaning works may become apparent after completion of service, customer shall allow at least 14 days to allow weathering to take it’s course and property should return to condition before the service. Customer understands that Steve]s Gutters  operators are not “window cleaners” and although every effort is taken to ensure windows are left spotless that in some cases you may notice dried beads of water, it is the customer’s responsibility to have windows cleaned by a third party if required unless Steve’s gutters offers to compensate for this. Customer also understands that our roof treatment system is specifically designed for our cleaning services and it will not cause any discoloration or damage to the roof. Our treatment system will also not cause any harm or damage to the surrounding plant life, environment or wildlife. It should be noted that out treatment is harmful to fish and therefore customer shall notify us of any ponds, lakes, tanks etc. on the property so that we can adequately prepare and ensure no harm is caused. Customer understands that they must shut off all outside electrical outlets and fixtures prior to service.

Customer agrees to allow company to utilize their residential water source via outdoor supply, which will be turned on and easily accessible on the date of service. If on well water, or if in an area with low water pressure or volume, customer agrees to inform the company and will avoid using any water dependant appliances during the cleaning service to ensure the best possible flow rates for our cleaning service. If customer’s water source is not sufficient for cleaning service, they must inform the company so we can adequately prepare.

On the Day of the Service:

  1. Please have an outdoor water tap supply activated and accessible.

  2. Please have all windows and doors shut tightly.

  3. Please ensure you have shut off all outside electrical outlets and fixtures prior to arrival.

  4. Please have all pets inside before and during cleaning.

  5. Please clear the work areas of all items and remove all sensitive materials from the areas being cleaned such as flags, doormats, and vehicles. (we will do our best to assist moving plants, furniture etc. on day of service).

  6. Please avoid using water during the cleaning service to ensure no loss of pressure or volume.

  7. Please ensure you have notified any neighbours of the works so they are aware of noise, mess etc. on the day. We will ensure that any neighbouring property is left clean and tidy before we leave site.

Roof Cleaning Guarantee Terms


Customer understands that if the moss is actually ingrain in the tile then the Biocide must be left to do its work as vigorous manual scraping is impossible. The full cost of the work is payable after the scrape and biocide and not after the 10 – 12 month period.

In some severe cases of the moss ingrain issue and the white & black spot the Biocide treatment may be needed to be re applied after 6-10 months. This will be carried out free of charge by Steve’s Gutters should we deem it to be necessary

The following applies to our Gold Service Only

Our roof cleaning service is backed up with our industry respected 6 year guarantee. This guarantee guarantees no moss regrowth and is valid for a period of 6  years from date of service completion. This guarantee may also be transferred in the event of property sale etc. however customer must request this and get written confirmation from Steve’s Gutters at least 30 days before transfer otherwise guarantee may be voided.