5 Innovative Ideas to Revamp Your Rain Gutter Gardens

5 Innovative Ideas to Revamp Your Rain Gutter Gardens

Creativity is the last thing that comes to mind when talking about gutters. However, nobody said gutters had to be boring!

Placed near a water runoff source, such as downspout or sump pump, rain gutter gardens are an effective way to get hold of rainwater and utilize it in a creative way.

Let’s Get Creative with Our Rain Gutter Gardens

Rain gutter gardens are an innovative way to use the small space outside your homes and create something beautiful. Here are some of the ways you can add style to your rain gutter gardens:

Hanging Garden – Make Your Outdoor Décor Pleasing to the Eye

Plant pots can be hung vertically from the ceiling of your house to give an impression of a beautiful hanging garden. However, make sure that you choose plants that do not require deep containers and will be able to grow in a shallow area. Add some beautiful flowers to these plant pots and take your outdoor décor to the next level.

Bog Gardens – Creative yet Effective

Your rain gutters allow you to have permanent moisture for the soil. This is great for a bog garden – one that employs permanent moisture to create an incredible habitat for plants and many other creatures. To avoid standing water, make sure that you drill drain holes around one inch below soil level on each end of the caps.

Cactus in Your Rain Gutter Gardens

With some efforts and hard work, you can easily grow cactuses in your rain gutter gardens to make them look simply stunning. Pot cactuses in ceramic pots and decorate them using your imagination. Your rain gutter gardens will have an incredible look with cactuses in them.

Uniquely Designed Succulent Gardens

Succulent plants or succulents grow better at the cracks of rocks and that makes them a viable option for rain gutter gardens. With incredible variety of colours, sizes and textures, succulents can add grace and elegance to your rain gutter gardens. These plants need sunlight so an open, exposed location would be a good idea if you are planning to go for them.

How About Some Herbs?

With many other vegetables, herbs can also be grown in a rain gutter garden. Some of your choices include chives, oregano, thyme etc. A rain gutter garden with herbs will mean that you can just grab them with minimum of troubles.

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