What Happens When You Don’t Get Your Gutters Cleaned By Professionals

What Happens When You Don’t Get Your Gutters Cleaned By Professionals

As a homeowner, you might be well-aware of the importance of regular gutter cleaning. Regular inspection and cleaning of home gutters is essential to not just keep your water drainage system in the right condition, but also to preserve the structural integrity of your home.

When it comes to home maintenance, it is common for homeowners to opt for DIY home maintenance projects just to save a few hundred dollars. What they don’t realize is that DIY home maintenance may cost them even higher than what they expected in the long run.

Let’s find out how cleaning gutters on your own can make home maintenance your worst nightmare and why you should consider hiring a professional service provider instead.

Fall Hazards

LadderSince you are not a professional cleaner, you may be at a higher risk of falling when climbing up a ladder. According to an estimate, ladder falls account for 40 percent of the total height accidents both in the workplace and at home. With a great number of people undertaking DIY home projects involving ladders,nearly 48,000people attend emergency rooms following a ladder accident in or around home.

Using a ladder to clean out your gutters puts you at risk, especially when it is placed on uneven ground.

Insects /Mold Spores

You never know what could be dwelling in your gutters. Critters, like birds, bugs, rodents, and bees dwell in dark, damp, and remote spots like gutters. Along with this, your gutters may also contain decaying leaves with mold spores and bacteria which may be a threat to your health, especially when you have mold allergy. With DIY gutter cleaning project, you may inadvertently be exposed to mold which can have a reaction.

Contact with Wires

You may have power lines, TV cable, and telephone line running into your home. If you come in contact with power line, there is a risk of electric shock. Besides this, you may cause damage to the TV and telephone wires which may bring about Pipe Leakageunnecessary expenses.

Damage to Your Property

Gutter cleaning requires special care to prevent denting and damage to gutters. If you are inexperienced, you may not be proficient at using the right tools, separating seams between gutters or gouging a hole. Inappropriate use of tools and techniques can cause gutter leakage, which may result in costly damages to your property.

So, are you now looking for a professional gutter cleaning service in Northamptonshire? Give us a call at 0800-193-67-68or get a quote online to book our gutter cleaning and repair services. With availability in Northamptonshire, St. Albans, Bedfordshire, Luton, and Watford, we can fix your gutter problems in minimum time and cost without posing threat to your health or property.


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