What we offer


  • We intend to offer you a professional service that meets your expectations
  • Our aim is to provide you with 2 trained uniformed men and a fully stocked vehicle on all jobs.
  • We  also expect our staff to be polite and courteous to the customers. 
  • We strive to fulfill our appointments as arranged and confirmed by e mail   Occasionally we may encounter issues i.e traffic and other issues that may make this hard to achieve in certain cases. Some jobs are bigger than we have had explained to us for example and the weather and wind can play a part also.


Gutter Cleaning

  •  The Cleaning of the Gutters is the internal channel of the horizontal Gutters on the property’s
  •  The Gutters will be cleaned by hand and using ladders and poles with special adapters that fit the profile of the gutter.
  •  The gutter cleaning does not involve the external ( cosmetic ) cleaning of the gutters or down pipes.
  •  Both the inside and out and the standard clean will also include clipping back into place any loose joints. Minor repairs can also be     carried out that don’t require parts for a small fixed cost but are separate from the clean itself.
  • We never carry out any work that is chargeable without contacting the customer first, this  normally has to be another quoting process showing the customer photos and agreeing a new fee.



Do I need to be in?

  • You only need to be in for us to do the work if we have to go through some part of the house to gain access to the rear etc. We are extremely reliable at locking up a side gate /garage after we have done the work. You may have to wait 1-2 weeks longer for the appointment if we have to agree a certain day and exact time


Down Pipes + Soak -Away Drains

  •  The down pipes will be checked for blockages at the running outlet and the top  bends.
  •  Upvc Down pipes can be dismantled if required to remove blockages
  •  Cast Iron down pipes cannot be dismantled to check for blockages
  •  Drains under the ground are not covered by our Gutter Cleaning .
  • We do jet drains, please see below


  • Gutter Repairs

  •  We can do a repairs on any  gutters but we cannot guarantee the repairs due to the nature of the plastic material, Plastic shrinks over time and depending on the age of your gutter this could be a big issue when doing repairs.
  •  If the gutter is of a half round profile and under 8 years old ish we can use replacement parts and generally they fit well and the shrinkage is not to much of an option
  •  Ogee and square profiles are the worst for not being able to buy new part for, the new parts are always much bigger than the old sizes and therefore we struggle to make a water tight connection.
  •  Cast iron can be repaired but again depending on the age and rust content of the gutter determines the quality of the repair
  •  UPVC Gutters have a lifespan of around  10 years , In most cases if you have gutters this age or older it may be prudent to replace the gutters

It is worth mentioning that UPVC Gutters aren’t really designed for repair after a certain time-frame  if they are broken or ineffectual parts should really be replaced or re-installed. The minor repairs may involve sealant  etc but do not include replacement parts.

If the gutters are installed incorrectly and there is a constant recurring issue or if they need a replacement part but we have attempted a repair regardless.


Gutter Re Alignment 

  •  Re alignment of gutters is the taking down of some or all of the gutter and re fitting it correctly.
  •  It is common to go to property for a clean and we find that the gutter is poorly aligned and the gutter holds water and overflows during constant or heavy  rain.
  •  Re alignment is not included in the cleaning price.


 External Fascia & Soffit Cleaning 

  •   We clean the externals of the gutter – Fascia -soffit is cleaned by hand, the results are generally amazing and we have had hundreds of happy customers, some times if the UPVC is old and or there is a stain on the UPVC this is impossible to remove as the dirt is ingrained , If your UPVC is old and looking tired it may be prudent to replace rather than clean.


Drain /Soak a way Jetting

  • We Jet drains/soak a way pipes with our big towable jetting unit, which has a state of the art jetting nozzle that is specifically manufactured to break down solid soil and silt and roots in the pipes. We have never had a drain beat our jetter although if the drain has collapsed in the run and or  the soak a way is inadequate then a new drain run and soak a way will be required 


Payment Methods

  •  We send out Invoices via email and we kindly wish that those invoices are settled within 7 days.
  •  We do accept cash and cheque’s  although we do prefer bacs payments if possible